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Personal Training

Personalized Workouts

Are you frustrated with not seeing results from your current exercise program?

Are you not sure what to do in the gym?

Do you want to gain muscle and lose fat?

Are you unfamiliar with using weights?


Are you bored with your current workout routine?


Do you want to learn new exercises?


Do you need help with proper form?


Do you have an injury or condition that requires personal attention?


Do you need someone to motivate you and keep you accountable for exercise?

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If you answered YES to any of these questions, then personal training with Gabbi Berkow is for you!

Gabbi will lead you through a one-on-one workout that is 100% personalized to you. Every workout will bring you closer to your goals and address your needs. Gabbi will challenge you, push you, and teach you proper form while making sure that you stay safe and ENJOY working out! She will also address your entire lifestyle, making sure that what you do outside of personal training sessions will help you to reach your goals as well.

Gabbi has helped a wide variety of personal training clients to lose weight, build muscle, rehabilitate injuries, learn proper form, and make exercise a habit. Her clientele has spanned a diverse array of ages, fitness levels, and body types - young, old, beginner, advanced, male, and female. She has also worked with and helped individuals who have special needs, including lower back pain, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, knee injuries, foot injuries, shoulder injuries, and obesity.


Gabbi utilizes her extensive studies of the human body and exercise science, as well as her training in Pilates, to design sound individualized exercise programs that help clients reach their goals and see results while correcting muscular imbalances and preventing injury.


Can’t meet in person but want to train with Gabbi? She offers training sessions virtually! Virtual sessions can be done in your home or office – no equipment required.


Want to work out with a partner or friends? Semi-private and small group training are also available!

Train smart and experience what Gabbi's expertise in program design, corrective exercise, correct body mechanics, and exercise science can do for you.


Contact Gabbi for more information and to schedule your training session!


"With  Gabbi's  training sessions I lost inches from my waist and gained more definition throughout my entire body. I finally saw  weight loss results,  which were so much harder to achieve after turning  40! My friends complimented me on being slimmer and looking more toned, and one friend had to mention that my belly fat was getting smaller. After just 3 sessions I began to see a change in my physique overall.  With my new diet plan from Gabbi I literally felt more energized and less cranky


I always thought I knew a lot about weight training and working out, and through Gabbi I realized there was always something new that I could learn from her extensive knowledge about Pilates, weight training, and nutrition. She is simply the best with her cheerful attitude!"

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