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Are you  looking to strengthen your core, improve your posture, get rid of lower back pain, increase flexibility, enhance your sport performance, find a way of exercising without any impact to an injury, or look taller and leaner?

Pilates is a perfect solution!


Pilates is a mind-body exercise method that integrates strength, stretch, and control. Focusing on your Powerhouse or core, Pilates will strengthen your abs, lower back, and glutes so you can better support your spine during your workouts and everyday activities. Pilates exercises stretch and strengthen the muscles around your spine, giving you a strong, flexible, and pain-free back.


Pilates also focuses on symmetry, helping you correct any muscle imbalances that may be causing pain. Pilates teaches you how to move and exercise efficiently and safely, and helps to protect your spine for life.

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's, and consists of over 500 exercises that had endured in effectiveness since its original development.  It includes matwork and a variety of exercises on specialized equipment. 


All Pilates work is no-impact and safe on your joints. Pilates is a great option if you are rehabilitating an injury and cannot return to full workouts yet. It is also a great complement to your regular exercise program, helping you to learn how to control your muscles and restore flexibility.  Pilates can help you prevent future injuries and improve your performance in other workouts, dance, or sports.

Pilates emphasizes deep breathing, making it great for reducing stress and revitalizing your energy. Deep breathing also strengthens the muscles around your lungs that enable you breathe to your full capacity, which helps your muscles work optimally and can improve respiratory conditions such as asthma.

With its focus on core strength and alignment throughout the body Pilates will give you a strong center that will help you stand taller and leaner, get out of pain, balance your body, and perform at your best.


Gabbi is fully certified in Pilates mat and equipment work and has over a decade of experience in Pilates. She is comprehensively trained in classical Pilates, or the method of authentic Pilates that preserves Pilates exercises as creator Joseph Pilates originally intended them.


Gabbi studied entirely with teachers trained by Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' protegee. She completed over 600 hours of training at True Pilates NY, the flagship studio for classical Pilates, where she studied with many of the world's best Pilates instructors.  


Gabbi also used daily Pilates practice to correct imbalances caused by her severe scoliosis, maintaining a pain-free back and avoiding the need for scoliosis surgery. Her own experience with the power of Pilates fueled her passion for sharing its benefits with others. 


Gabbi  melds her expertise in movement sciences and anatomy with her intensive training and personal experience of using Pilates to overcome scoliosis. Every Pilates session with Gabbi will be entirely tailored to your needs and goals, balancing a precise focus on on proper form with a challenging workout.


Gabbi has helped a wide variety of clients reduce back pain, improve posture, increase body awareness, gain core strength, and enhance flexibility with Pilates. You'll walk out of every session feeling better (and taller!) than when you started. 

Gabbi offers private lessons and duets using Pilates equipment. Pilates mat classes can also be taught on-site at your home, office, or studio.


Contact Gabbi to learn more and see what Pilates can do for you!



"After one Pilates session with Gabbi, I was hooked and so thankful for the one-on-one opportunity to learn the fundamentals - and finally find a workout that was centering. I was instantly far more in tune with my body than I had been in years - drawing in my abs, closing my ribcage and tucking my tailbone to improve my posture. My thighs burned from Reformer sessions and my plank started to look less like a hammock and more, well, plank-like. I absolutely love the measured, isotonic movement of Pilates, and know I am getting stronger. 


What I've also come to learn through my Pilates experience is that the teacher/student relationship is critical. I lucked out in finding a nurturing, highly professional and extremely talented instructor in Gabbi. "

Get the RESULTS you want.
Find the BALANCE you need.
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