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Philosophy & Approach

Balanced Wellness

Gabbi Berkow's philosophy and approach are encapsulated in two words: Balanced Wellness. She strives to help each and every client get results and achieve total wellness while finding balance. Gabbi believes in a holistic, integrative approach to helping you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.


Gabbi is a one-stop-shop where you can find all the services you need  to achieve your goals and enhance every aspect of your lifestyle – exercise, nutrition, supportive coaching, and mind-body work. No need to see separate professionals or go to different studios for personal training, credible nutrition help, a personalized meal plan, Pilates, workout programming, and health coaching. Gabbi bridges the gaps and can do it all - she provides everything you need to progress on your health and fitness journey while cultivating sustainable healthy habits.

Gabbi is a unique nutrition specialist and trainer with extensive academic expertise and practical experience. As a Registered Dietitian & Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Gabbi provides specialized nutrition guidance and meal planning to help clients lose weight and keep it off, build muscle, increase energy, achieve optimal health, fuel & see results from workouts, and establishing healthy eating patterns for life. With a Master’s in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University and as a certified personal trainer, Pilates teacher, and dancer, Gabbi provides clients with sound and effective exercise programs to help them optimize muscle strength, flexibility, injury prevention, sport-specific needs, and body composition (ratio of muscle & fat).


Having overcome a lifetime of struggles with food and weight, Gabbi melds her comprehensive academic backgrounds with her personal experience  to develop fitness and nutrition programs that are sound, safe, personalized, and effective. Learn more about Gabbi here


Gabbi Berkow offers a variety of services. Click on the name of each service to learn more.​


Nutrition Counseling: Gabbi will talk to you in great depth about your eating and challenges with food. She will work with you to  develop an individualized nutrition plan that will help you meet your goals - including losing weight and keeping it off, building muscle, ditching diets, fueling your exercise, and improving your health. Gabbi also helps you cultivate nutritious, sustainable eating habits that work for you and that you can maintain for life. Gabbi makes healthy eating doable, understandable, and enjoyable.

Personal TrainingGabbi will design a personalized and physiologically sound exercise program for you and will motivate and guide you through every session. Adapting your program to your needs and goals, Gabbi ensures that personal training with her will produce the results you want while giving you the tools you need to stay fit and keep your body in top shape for life. 


Nutrition + Fitness Packages: Gabbi blends her nutrition and personal training services and creates individualized exercise and nutrition  plans for you in person or virtually. She coaches you, supports you, encourages you, motivates you, and helps you at every step of the way, providing constant support and regular check-ins. 


Pilates: Gabbi can teach you Pilates equipment and/or mat work to create balance between your mind and body. Pilates will help you improve your posture, stretch your spine, enhance your alignment, and integrate strength, flexibility, and control in ways that minimize your risk of injury.

Dancer WellnessA lifelong dancer herself, Gabbi applies her extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise to dance and is extremely well-versed in the scientific aspects of dance technique and performance. Through group presentations or one-on-one coaching, Gabbi provides individualized guidance for dancers and dance teachers about dietary and training practices that promote optimal health, maximize performance, minimize injury risk, and support a long dance career.

Workshops: Gabbi can come to your office, school, training facility, or home to provide educational workshops about nutrition, exercise, and health-related topics. Workshops can be done as lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and/or interactive classes. She also offers supermarket tours, where she assists you or your group with grocery shopping so you can learn how to navigate a supermarket, read nutrition labels, and stock your home with the healthiest options that work for you.

Gabbi's philosophy centers on balance. She believes in balance between the components of your exercise program so you develop a strong, flexible, fit, healthy, and capable body. She promotes balance within nutrition, promoting moderation and variety between different types of food. And importantly,  she supports balance between exercise, nutrition, and the rest of your life. 


YOU are Gabbi's top priority at all times. She personalizes every service to what will help you achieve your goals, your health and fitness needs, what works for you, and what fits your lifestyle. She teaches you what you need to know and do to keep your results and new health habits.  She doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, extremes, fad diets, temporary fixes, or one-time meetings. She works with you and for you to develop personalized, science-based plans that help you look and feel your best for life. Gabbi wants you to enjoy and retain the process of becoming healthier and happier, and is always here for you throughout your journey.

Get the RESULTS you want.
Find the BALANCE you need.
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