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Dancer Wellness

Are you a dancer who needs help with nutrition or eating to fuel your classes, rehearsals and performance?


Do you need help with certain aspects of dance technique or know you need to do supplemental conditioning but aren't sure where to start?


Do you need to correct muscle imbalances or want to prevent injuries and perform at your best?

As a lifelong dancer who struggled with her body and  became a Registered Dietitian and exercise specialist, Gabbi provides the exact education, guidance, and training that you need. 

Gabbi integrates her extensive studies of exercise science and nutrition with her training in dance in order to help dancers achieve and sustain optimal wellness. Gabbi knows first hand that the demands of the dance world are rigorous, and she is passionate about applying her knowledge of physiology, exercise, sports nutrition, and health to help dancers maximize their performance while minimizing injury risk.  It is essential for dancers to apply sound nutrition and conditioning practices in order to perform at their best and have long careers with minimal injuries.

Gabbi has conducted extensive research in many areas of dance science and wellness for dancers. She provides workshops and presentations for both dancers and dance teachers to help dancers find the technique, nutrition, and conditioning practices that enable them to reach their best health and performance capabilities. Gabbi can also teach dance conditioning classes and provide individual counseling to dancers to address their specific needs. 

Dancer wellness services can be provided as group lectures or Powerpoints, conditioning classes for dancers, or one-on-one consultations with dance students or professionals. ​


  • Cross-training and conditioning practices for dancers

  • Weight management and a healthy body image for dancers

  • Nutrition for dancers

  • What to eat before and after dance classes, rehearsals, and performance

  • Muscle strength and flexibility needed for dance

  • Common injuries in dancers and how to prevent them 

  • Application of Pilates exercises to dance technique and education

  • Demands on the foot and ankle in dance, and strength and flexibility exercises for the feet

  • Stretching practices for dancers

  • Energy systems used in dance

  • Physiological, muscular, and cardiovascular demands of dance classes, rehearsals, and performances

  • Fundamental concepts of dance technique and alignment

  • Structuring a cohesive dance class

  • Anatomy and kinesiology of dance movements


"Highlyyyyy recommend. Would be missing out if you didn't incorporate Gabbi's expertise into your regime for a healthy lifestyle. I am a dancer who is injured with extremely specific needs and goals. Gabbi makes every effort to ensure that your experience is completely individualized, consults everyone involved in your care, and is incredibly thorough (no stone is left unturned and you will walk away with an insane amount of new information). She gets to know you personally and is so passionate about nutrition, exercise, and health. I am sooo excited to continue working with Gabbi- she just gets it, plain and simple."

Get the RESULTS you want.
Find the BALANCE you need.
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