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Nutrition + Fitness Packages

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Are you looking to....

  • lose weight and tone up?

  • look awesome for your wedding or other special event?

  • finally see results from your workouts?

  • figure out what to do at the gym?

  • exercise regularly without joining a gym?

  • find ways of eating and exercising that you can sustain?


Gabbi's nutrition + fitness packages are the all-in-one and fastest way to get your ideal body! Get a blend of customized exercise and nutrition plans, personal training, and constant support from Gabbi. Learn exactly what to eat and how to work out to get the results you want and find the ways of eating and exercising that work for you.


Gabbi offers a variety of nutrition + fitness packages. Each package includes:

  • Nutrition counseling sessions (monthly or every 2 weeks)

  • Individualized nutrition plans (complete with tailored options for every meal and snack, what to eat before and after workouts, food combinations for optimal energy, time saving strategies, tips for eating out, and portion size guidelines) 

  • A personalized shopping list (know exactly what foods you need to buy each week!)

  • Supplement guidelines

  • Personalized exercise program (including strength training and cardio)

  • Sessions with Gabbi to review all exercises in your program

  • Additional personal training sessions 

  • Review of your food diary

  • Unlimited email, text, and phone support between sessions


Gabbi starts with an initial consultation, where she'll learn all about your goals, lifestyle, health and medical history, exercise, eating habits, specific needs, preferences, and more. Together you'll determine the package that will work best for you.


Gabbi then designs exercise and nutrition plans that are JUST FOR YOU. Your plans are tailored to your lifestyle, goals, schedule, available equipment, travel needs, injury history, and medical status.

You'll receive a comprehensive and totally individualized nutrition plan that includes options for each meal and snack, what to eat before and after workouts, strategies for saving time in the kitchen, tips for eating out, portion sizes, and guidelines for combining foods to optimize your energy. Gabbi will also provide evidence-based supplement guidance so you know what supplements you need to feel your best but are also safe and affordable. You'll get a personalized shopping list that takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping and ensures you're prepared with all the foods you need each week.


You will also receive a personalized exercise program, including strength training and cardio, so you have a structured workout routine that's designed to deliver results. Your workout program is 100% personalized to your goals, needs, injuries/issues, time constraints, preferences, and available equipment. No gym? No problem - Gabbi can design an exercise plan for you to do at home.  Gabbi reviews every single exercise in your program with you, either in person or virtually via video calls. She provides a picture, detailed instructions, and video links for each exercise in your program. 

You can add personal training sessions to your package if you need more guidance or accountability through regular exercise sessions with Gabbi. The frequency of personal training is up to you - your package is totally customizable!


Gabbi will check in with you every 2 weeks to see how you're doing. She will troubleshoot any obstacles you faced so you can continue to improve and stay on the path towards success. She updates your plans over time to prevent plateaus. 


You have unlimited access to Gabbi and can contact her anytime with any questions or concerns. All communication is done via email, phone, and text.


All packages are available in person or virtually (online).


Ready to get started? Contact Gabbi to find the nutrition and fitness package that will work best for you​.​


"With Gabbi's consistent workout cycling and personalized nutrition guide, I have seen phenomenal changes in tone in my waist line, legs, thighs, glutes and chest, not to mention my arms and shoulders. Gabbi totally understands my hesitance to join a gym, and has helped me get these results with nothing more than dumbbells and a pull-up bar in my own home. 

Following Gabbi’s personalized nutrition guide,  I eat correctly while sending in my food diary every week for Gabbi's feedback. Gabbi, dutifully, changes my workout every 6-8 weeks, and really focuses my workouts to the changes I want to see in my body. And the best part is that she is so easy to reach. Text, call,  email, in person, you name it and she's got you covered. It's incredible to have your own dietitian and coach on tap." 

Get the RESULTS you want.
Find the BALANCE you need.
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