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“I sought out Gabbi because I was specifically looking for a dietitian who also specializes in fitness, and found her to be a perfect match! She’s so enthusiastic, kind, welcoming and understanding – I immediately felt comfortable sharing my concerns, asking questions, and discussing my dietary needs. One of my main goals was to lose weight so that I could fight in a lower weight class for boxing while maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Gabbi has created meal plans, snack options, a grocery list, and time-saving tips that makes everything easy and possible. She is highly knowledgeable and customizes the plans to meet my specific needs, and I don’t feel restricted by any means. Since meeting with her a little over a month ago, I’ve been able to steadily lose weight, and overall I feel happier, stronger and healthier. I really enjoy working with Gabbi and cannot recommend her enough!“


                                                                                                                          - Lisha, 27, Boxer

“Through her specific and personalized guidance, Gabbi has helped me lose weight for the first time in over a year without crash-dieting or feeling deprived. Her advice is tailored to suit my needs, and I am NEVER hungry! In fact, I eat more than I did previously - I just eat the right stuff now. Further, as someone who has gone through the diet cycle over and over for 17 years, and suffered from negative body image and disordered eating, I feel confident in the knowledge that Gabbi is providing me and comfortable with the idea that eating right can be manageable long-term and non-obsessive. I’m so lucky and thankful to have found you, Gabbi!”  


- Jennifer, 33, Professional Singer 



"I’m 10 days into the new nutrition plan and I am down 2-3 pounds. I have been pretty diligently following the guidelines of what foods to put together, and I make sure I remember all parts of my breakfast, lunch, and snacks when I go to work. The balance of carb, protein, and fat helps me genuinely not feel hungry, and I’m not counting down to the next meal or snack all day. I haven’t had or craved French fries in months. My cholesterol is down over 30 points and now in a healthy range. 
I’ve been doing the 2 strength training workouts from you (for 3 strength trainings per week) instead of just cardio like you suggested. The other day, I wore a long soft skirt that I normally would never have. When I touched the side of my thigh it almost felt like I was touching someone else's leg. My leg is seriously toned. I showed my hubby the clear definition in my legs - he was shocked and said “it is like high school when you were in athletics and dance,” and I’m 41! I compared my leg definition and muscles to my 16-year-old athletic son’s, and my legs make his look like baby legs with no form! Ever since that day, my son has been listening to me and asking for help making better food choices. 
Eating healthy and getting fit is contagious because my entire family - from son, daughter, hubby, sister in laws, daughter in law, everyone - is sending me their celebrations!
It is a great feeling to not only feel amazing myself, but to inspire others to want better for themselves. Thanks for continuing to guide me, for checking in, and helping me refine myself physically. "


                                                                                                                                                                              -  Denise, 41, School Education Coach for Teachers

“I am so thankful and grateful to Gabbi Berkow for helping and teaching me how to not become a product of my ancestors in getting diabetes. I told Gabbi the foods I was eating and she came up with a personalized plan for me. Being on Gabbi’s nutrition plan has changed my life. I have lost over 20 lb and my numbers improved drastically. I highly recommend Gabbi if anyone wants to feel and look better about themselves. I am forever grateful to her."

                                                                     - Kat,  62 , Nursing Assistant

“From the moment I met Gabbi, her enthusiasm for fitness was not only electric but intriguing. In the spring of 2015, a lightbulb went on and I asked Gabbi to help me tone up my cardio cracked body. With kindness and tremendous excitement, Gabbi wasted no time and we went to work. What I discovered working with Gabbi is that a) time fliesssssss working with weights. Your session is over before you know it; b) a woman assisting her fellow woman makes any frustrations you have automatically lessen. Someone has your back and relates to you emotionally and physically; and c) you tone up. Fast. The weights were the missing piece of my puzzle all along. Gabbi has an innate and exercised (pun intended) understanding of what your body needs and it shows.


I've learned to ignore the number on the scale, I've learned to eat to strengthen my body and I learned a new way of working out that leaves me feeling more accomplished. I like the fact I can do a big girl push-up, I like the fact that in two weeks, I went from 8 pound weights to 15 and I like the fact that Gabbi doesn't quit on you. She really does care. She's a great trainer, but an even greater person.”  


- Rachael, 27, Actress & Pilates Instructor



"Before I started with Gabbi, I was working out 5 days a week with the same workout regimen for a year straight, but still eating things that were terrible for me. I  saw results here and there, but in no way did they match the results I’ve received under Gabbi's tutelage these past 5 months with her consistent workout cycling and personalized nutrition guide. I have seen visible and phenomenal changes in tone in my waist line, legs, thighs, glutes and chest, not to mention my arms and shoulders. She totally understands my hesitance to join a gym, and has helped me get these results with nothing more than dumbbells and a pull-up bar in my own home. 

Following Gabbi’s personalized nutrition guide,  I eat correctly while sending in my food diary every week for weekly check-ins. Gabbi, dutifully, changes my workout every 6-8 weeks, and really focuses my workouts to the changes I want to see in my body. And the best part is that she is so easy to reach. Text, call,  email, in person, you name it and she's got you covered. It's incredible to have your own dietitian and coach on tap. 

But, what needs to be made clear is that YOU have to do the work. Gabbi can give you the guides and the know-how, but it's up to you to follow through. I definitely intend to continue to follow through. I look forward to working with Gabbi toward my fitness goals for the rest of 2016 and beyond."


                                                                                                                                                                              -  Will, 28, Actor

“Gabbi has completely changed my life!  She listened endlessly to how I view food and consume it, and then showed me a totally new way and easier path with strict application and discipline on my part.  It was initially a big lifestyle change for a free spirited foodie, restaurant lover and general 'bon viveur’, however the payoff is more than worth it. I have more energy than ever, I wake up without an alarm clock at 6.45am on the dot (so have gained a good amount of extra hours in my week), and feel physically the best I ever felt. Even  though I always thought I was being healthy and diligent about food, this is a totally new way of life and I will never go back. Or if I do break the rules, I know what the consequences will be and can make the choice accordingly for myself.  Supermarket shopping is simple as the list is tight and straightforward, and eating in restaurants is a breeze as I know how to navigate the menu or order off-menu to meet my needs. 


After my spending infinite hours experimenting with endless detox and healthy eating regimes from all the magazines and newspapers and online, this bespoke simple regime Gabbi devised is instead based on what the body actually needs from a biological perspective and given that is actually simple science - you cannot argue with it!  It dispels all the confusing and conflicting information out there and is logical and common sense. 


I also was told I had an incurable hereditary digestive condition that some of my family still suffer from. None  of the specialists and doctors (including the leading names in their field in London and New York) were able to cure me of really boring symptoms such as constant indigestion etc,  which really interfered with my enjoyment of life. But with my new strict nutritional regime, I have kicked all the meds I apparently was on forever, have said goodbye to symptoms, and have a new lease of life.”


- Mary, 36, Fashion Editor & Celebrity Stylist

“I was looking for a nutritionist and trainer and found Gabbi thanks to my friend’s referral. My goal was to have a better relationship with food and to lose weight/get in shape, and I wanted someone who would be supportive, motivating and was knowledgeable.  I immediately knew that Gabbi was exactly the kind of person who I was looking for after exchanging a few emails. She believed in me and gave me the support that helped me know that I could reach my goals. 


The support is what made the most difference. Gabbi was always available to provide advice and most importantly, I felt that she cared. Her emails and texts were informative and helpful. It was never just a one short paragraph or text so I felt like I wasn’t just a person who she was working with but someone who she really wanted to see reach her goals.


Given that it has only been 3 months, I’m still working to reach my goals but I’m well on my way. I have to thank Gabbi for starting me down this path - my unhealthy relationship with sugar no longer exists, I go to the gym more, and I feel better about myself. She clearly went above and beyond to help me work towards my goals, which obviously shows her dedication and passion. I loved working with Gabbi and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  


- Helen, 32, Financial Analyst

“As someone who has always struggled with sticking to rigid diets due to my absolute love of food, I can honestly say that Gabbi truly helps you find a 'balance.' She gave me and my fiance a nutrition plan that helped us understand how to better pair our food so our cravings were significantly decreased; and how to enjoy what we eat and feel good about it, even on our cheat days. When I fall off the plan, she doesn't make me feel guilty or shame me- she understands it happens and provides encouragement. Gabbi is also great about checking in and making sure I don't need any adjustments along the way. She truly works with you and your individual situation- she's the epitome of a 'personal' health and fitness coach. Definitely let her help you find your way to balanced wellness!"  


- Alex, 27, Dance Teacher & Marketing Recruiter

“Gabbi is brilliant. She is not only a good, life-long friend, but she has helped me get back on track with my eating. She really knows this stuff! She knows the science of the body, nutrition, and fitness, but also knows how to approach it on a personal level to make it all a little more accessible. She is always available to answer questions and give words of encouragement. I am feeling better and more confident in my food choices. She is the best!” 

- Allegra, 26, Dancer & Yoga Instructor

"When I think of Gabbi it is hard to express her generosity, love and dedication to her craft in writing. Not only does Gabbi know overall wellness, she goes above and beyond to ensure you are able to meet goals and provide extra support. In the winter of 2014, I was preparing to undergo bariatric surgery. I was confused and lost by all the information the doctors provided. Gabbi was able to bring an explanation and meaning to all the information, which led to a successful procedure. I feel that this understanding of the nutritional background and fitness aspects of weight loss, beyond what the documents provided, really made me more successful in my journey of losing weight and making lifestyle changes.  If you are looking for someone with passion that provides comfort with her encouragement, Gabbi is the one. I hated the gym attitudes and other trainers who were drill sergeants. Gabbi adds an element of human interaction that cannot be found elsewhere.”  


- Danielle, 29, Human Resources Manager, Successful Bariatric Surgery Patient

"I like to be active, but I'm not a loyalist. I've never belonged to a gym, I can talk myself out of every cardio class 5 minutes before kickoff and the only workout I find centering is yoga (read: bring on the savasana). Until, I tried pilates. I had never tried pilates before because I knew enough to know that the technique, alignment, and skill required likely outpaced my ability. However, I grew up in ballet and love the art of control and grace in movement. After one session with Gabbi, I was hooked and so thankful for the one-on-one opportunity to learn the fundamentals. I was instantly far more in tune with my body than I had been in years - drawing in my abs, closing my ribcage and tucking my tailbone to improve my posture. My thighs burned from reformer sessions and my plank started to look less like a hammock and more, well, plank-like. I've become acutely aware of my lack of upper body strength and have been working hard to become more fit there. I absolutely love the measured, isotonic movement of pilates. I don't look for or expect results overnight, but I know I am getting stronger. 


What I've also come to learn through my pilates experience is that the teacher/student relationship is critical. I lucked out in finding a nurturing, highly professional and extremely talented instructor in Gabbi. 


I've enjoyed my growth so much, that I've decided to share it with others. I work at a fun, health conscious, innovative healthcare company called Oxeon Partners, and our mission is to make people healthier, ourselves included. Last week we hosted our first ever Oxeon sponsored pilates class. With 8 people in attendance (roughly 1/5 of our office), including three adventurous men, Gabbi guided us through a beginner's mat class. Her hands on and encouraging approach made a lasting impact on everyone, so much so that we've decided to host a bi-monthly evening pilates session!"


- Meredith, 29, Pilates Client, Former Ballerina & Recruiter

"Gabbi was able to do something that no one has done in years: MOTIVATE ME!  After a very thorough  consultation, Gabbi initiated a healthy eating program for me. I have lost enough weight to where I had to go shopping for smaller jeans -  I bought my first size 12 (down from a size 16) in over a decade!   Since I have type 2 diabetes, one of our main goals was to reduce my Hemoglobin A1C [a marker of long-term blood sugar control] – and Gabbi succeeded in a spectacular fashion. My endocrinologist is thrilled with my latest blood work results. 

Throughout  the entire process, Gabbi has always been at my side. She is always available when I get down on myself, and provides positive feedback and encouraging reminders that help me feel better.  In fact, when I cheat, I can hear her in my head, compassionately telling me to get back on track instead of focusing on a ‘mistake.’

Gabbi is absolutely amazing, and I love her to bits.”

- Sandra, 60, Medical Secretary

“Upon starting my training sessions with Gabbi, I was initially inspired by her enthusiastic and knowledgeable attitude. From the first orientation meeting she gave me suggestions for my diet, and I explained my previous attempts at weight loss which became much harder after I turned 40. With her training sessions I lost inches from my waist and gained more definition throughout my entire body. My friends complimented me on being slimmer and looking more toned, and one friend had to mention that my belly fat was getting smaller. After 3 sessions I began to see a change in my physique overall.  With my new diet plan from Gabbi I literally felt more energized and less cranky. This was confirmed by Gabbi after stating that my blood sugar level was more stabilized with my new and improved eating plan. I always thought I knew a lot about weight training and working out, and through Gabbi I realized there was always something new that I could learn from her extensive knowledge about Pilates, weight training, and nutrition. She is simply the best with her cheerful attitude!!!” 


- Sherley, 45, Legal Assistant

“Hi Gabbi, Just a note to tell you how happily you came to mind this weekend. I was headed down the stairs to the basement to do laundry when I realized I wasn’t grasping the bannister anxiously. My knee is much improved – stabilized - from the exercises you assigned, and so is my shoulder. I’m also beginning to suspect a waistline may be surfacing for the 1st time in my life! And that’s just frosting! Thanks so much.”  

- Virginia, 64, Columbia University PhD Program Coordinator

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